Pro Wellness Group: Helping Present and Future Generations

For almost 90 percent of all American families, their house is the single largest investment they will ever make. Millennials now list "family health and safety" as their single most important domestic concern. The elderly are more determined than ever to remain in their homes for as long as possible, however, their homes need to adapt to their new and needs of increased health and safety.

This is at the heart of the mission of Pro Wellness Group — to help present and future generations to live in a home that doesn't pose a threat to their health, safety, and overall well-being. We make it our everyday business to uncover both the visible and the invisible aspects of your living environment that are threatening your home health, safety, and comfortability. The experts at Pro Wellness Group have evaluated a number of home assessment tools, and are fine-tuning and updating the Healthy Home Assessment protocol to address the symptoms and causes, as well as recommend and broker the solutions to living healthier in your own home.

Our only concern? The longevity of your health. We do this through the extensive building science and healthy living knowledge of a handpicked team of experts. We support our evaluation with comprehensive diagnostic testing and customized, solution-oriented plans for everything from radon and gas leaks to moisture and dampness, mold, pest infestations, trip and fall hazards, and more.

Pro Wellness Group is the natural outgrowth of two very successful Maryland-based companies, which over the last 10 plus years have established themselves as the state and regional leader in the field of healthy home-related services.

What is a Healthy Home Assessment?

No two homes are alike, and no two homes will require the same upgrades to become the healthiest living environment possible. Pro Wellness Group will find the right solutions to meet the health, safety and wellness goals for you and your family. We tailor each Healthy Home Assessment to accommodate the unique circumstances of each individual home, and its occupants.


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Whether you are concerned about avoiding the potential safety hazards of your home, you want to improve your indoor air quality, or you just want to know the symptoms of an unhealthy home, Pro Wellness Group has the answers you need.

Set your home (and your family) up for a future of wellness.

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