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Get to the Heart of Home-Related Health & Wellness Concerns Like:

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Indoor Air Quality

Mold & Moisture

Mold & Moisture

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Indoor Drafts & Inconsistent Temperatures

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Excessive Dust & Allergen

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Inadequate Ventilation & Filtration

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Pests & Rodents

Find the Right Solution for Your Home

No two homes are alike, and no two homes will require the same upgrades to become the healthiest living environment possible. Pro Wellness Group will find the right solutions to meet the health, safety and wellness goals for you and your family. We tailor each Healthy Home Assessment to accommodate the unique circumstances of each individual home, and its occupants. 

Tests and Measurements:

  • Mold & Moisture Testing

  • Volatile organic compound testing

  • Carbon Monoxide testing

  • Gas leak testing

  • Combustion safety testing

  • Airborne particulate testing

Visual Evaluations:

  • Ventilation Assessment

  • Pest Intrusion Evaluation

  • Maintenance Evaluation 

  • Health & Safety Hazard Assessment

  • Building Envelope Assessment


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Our Custom Approach

Our approach to evaluating home wellness goes far beyond the average air quality test. Pro Wellness Group is your turnkey solution for comprehensive home wellness analysis, planning and even implementation of your home health upgrades.

Our experts will remain by your side every step of the way. From the initial phone call and evaluation, through the repair and upgrade process, to providing ongoing technical support and maintenance services, we work with you to improve the health and performance of your whole house and its systems. Our goal is to make your home a more comfortable, efficient, and healthy place for you and your family to live.

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Common Symptoms & Wellness Concerns Linked to Home Health & Safety Issues

Difficulty Breathing & Allergy Symptoms

Many homes are prone to air leaks, have chronic dampness, and/or poor ventilation. The combination of these conditions often leads to elevated levels of pollens, molds, allergens and chemicals indoors where we spend most of our time. Exposure to these conditions over time can aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms over and over again. Unless these contaminants are actively removed from the indoor air, people find their poor health seems constant. Putting our solutions in place improves air quality and helps your home's systems work better to make the environment healthier.

Fatigue & Headaches

Did you know the EPA estimates that Americans spend 90% of their time indoors? If the air you are breathing is contaminated for 90% of your day, it can start to affect your energy levels and your health in general. If you experience frequent headaches or fatigue after you return to your home each day, your home's environment could be the culprit.

Physical Injury & Safety Hazards

A home is filled with accidents waiting to happen, especially when you are a parent expecting a child or preparing your home for aging-in-place later in life. Bunched carpet, loose steps, improperly anchored appliances like oven ranges and dishwashers, missing handrails and many other common hazards will be addressed with every Healthy Home Assessment.

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