What Will Happen After Your Healthy Home Assessment?
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Commonly Recommended Solutions

Once your thorough and accurate Healthy Home Assessment is complete, you will receive your results in a detailed and comprehensive report. In addition to the results of the tests and inspections performed during your Healthy Home Assessment, your report will include a customized list of recommended solutions to eliminate any identified home environmental or safety issues, such as:

  • Installing air purifiers & ventilation equipment

  • Moisture control to reduce the risk of mold growth

  • Carpet replacement to reduce trip and fall hazards

  • Upgraded insulation for more stable temperatures

  • Properly anchoring appliances to prevent tipping

  • Air sealing for improved indoor air quality

  • Upgrades to heating & cooling systems

And more, depending on your home’s specific Healthy Home Assessment results.

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Common Home Health and Safety Issues we Find In Maryland Homes:

Mold & Moisture

Mold & Moisture

Mold in the home is a serious health concern and can be a tough problem to identify and eradicate. Mold can cause respiratory and sinus symptoms, along with other health concerns for those that are exposed to it on a regular basis. Ridding your home of mold will require removing any existing mold spores that are hidden throughout your home, and controlling the moisture that is allowed to infiltrate your living space.

Inadequate Ventilation

Inadequate Ventilation & Filtration

Did you know that homes without proper ventilation will recycle the same old, stale, and dirty air over and over again? This can mean you and your family are breathing the same harmful particles, day in and day out. A steady supply of fresh, filtered air can help mitigate chronic indoor air quality issues, which is done through home ventilation and filtration.

Pest & Rodent Infestations

Pest & Rodent Infestations

Leaky and inefficient homes can be prone to frequent pest infestations in the walls and unconditioned spaces, where moisture, dirt and mold can accumulate. The attic and crawlspace, for example, can provide a safe haven for mice, rats and other critters who are attracted to the dark, damp environments. 

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