Health & Wellness Concerns Related to an Unhealthy Home
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An unhealthy home can mean an unhealthy life for you and your family. Here are some common health symptoms to look out for, and what could be causing your home’s health to decline.

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Regular Headaches

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Feeling Uncomfortably Warm Or Cold

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Allergy Symptoms

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Respiratory Issues

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Physical Injuries from Falls or Burns

Identifying the sources of environmental contaminants and safety hazards that are known to negatively impact health, safety and general well-being represents the first step to improving the indoor environment of your home –– and a Healthy Home Assessment from Pro Wellness Group offers just that!

We specialize in home improvements that are designed to make your home's indoor air better while improving the overall energy efficiency at the same time. We start with a complete healthy home assessment.

Your Healthy Home Assessment will evaluate and test the whole home, looking for the specific causes of poor air quality and indoor environmental conditions, This comprehensive assessment may include testing for:

  • Poor indoor air quality due to improper exhaust ventilation of combustion gases from appliances

  • Pest & Rodent Infestations due to Structural Defects or Excess Moisture

  • Excessive dust, or dirt due to obstructions or lack of proper storage

  • Burn and scald hazards due to improper water heater settings

  • Trip and fall hazards due to missing hand-rails or improperly installed flooring

  • Indoor air leaks and drafts due to lack of air sealing or poor insulation

  • Chronic dampness & mold  growth due to an inadequate building envelope or encapsulation

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How Can A Healthy Home Assessment Help You?

There is always room for improvement, especially when it comes to the health and safety of your living environment. A Healthy Home Assessment provides you with the objective and accurate information you need to make your home a healthier, safer, more comfortable place to live.

How Can A Healthy Home Assessment Help You?

Who Can Benefit From A Healthy Home Assessment?

Improved comfort, efficiency and overall well being… who doesn’t want that? A Healthy Home Assessment is a perfect starting point for any homeowner. At Pro Wellness Group, we don’t just assess the ways in which your home can become a healthier environment, we also identify and recommend solutions that improve air quality, reduce exposure to potential safety risks or environmental hazards that could cause injury or harm to you, your family, or anyone visiting your home.


Expecting Parents or Families with Young Children

Expecting Parents or Families with Young Children

A new child needs a healthy and safe environment. With a Healthy Home Assessment, you can prepare your home for your newborn and rest easy knowing your child is at reduced risk of injury or illness due to contaminants and hazards in your home.

Individuals with Chronic Illness or Compromised Immune Systems

Individuals with Chronic Illness or Compromised Immune Systems

If you or someone in your family is particularly sensitive to infections, airborne irritants or allergies, a Healthy Home Assessment is a must. Learn where your home is vulnerable to excess contamination, as well as how to keep your living space, and the air you breathe, as clean and safe as possible. Learn all the ways we can customize your Healthy Home Assessment to address your specific symptoms and wellness goals.

Are You or an Elderly Loved-One Preparing to “Age in Place”?

Are You or an Elderly Loved-One Preparing to “Age in Place”?

The baby-boomer generation is nearing retirement, and many retirees want to plan for a comfortable life at home. Our AgeWell™ Healthy Home Assessment uses the best practices of universal design to offer specific recommendations for smart modifications that retain the comforts of home, while at the same time, making that home a safer and healthier place to age in place. 

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