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What Is A Healthy Home Assessment?

Looking to better understand the relationship between your home and your health? Make your home a healthier place for you and your family to live, work and play with a Healthy Home Assessment. This comprehensive assessment including diagnostic testing helps to identify any issues within the home so you can make the improvements necessary the live as healthy as possible.

A Healthy Home Assessment from Pro Wellness Group includes a series of tests, including:

  • Mold & Moisture Testing

  • Carbon Monoxide & Gas Leak Testing

  • Airborne particulate & Air Quality Testing

  • Blower Door Testing  & Infrared Camera Analysis

  • Attic and Crawlspace Inspection


Did you know that:

of Americans, their home is their single largest investment

Indoor air is actually
more polluted than outdoor air

out of every
breaths a child takes is taken inside their own home

Americans suffer from asthma

Should YOU Have A Healthy Home Assessment?

Are you concerned that the conditions within your home could be linked to recurring health symptoms? Or, is someone in your family particularly vulnerable to health issues due to age or chronic illness? Whether you’re experiencing troubling physical symptoms, or you’re just interested in living in a safer, healthier and more comfortable environment, you will benefit from a Healthy Home Assessment. The Pro Wellness Group team can identify issues with your home’s structure, heating and cooling systems or furnishings that may be linked to aggravating health symptoms like asthma or allergies. We can also identify safety concerns like tripping, burn or poisoning hazards. 


If you fall into one of these categories, or if you simply want to better understand the components that contribute to the wellness of your living environment, you should have a Healthy Home Assessment.


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Seniors or People with Elderly Family Members interested in "Aging in Place"

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New Home Builders, Buyers and Sellers

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People with Chronic Illness or Compromised Immune Systems

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Expecting Parents, or Families with Young or Newborn Children

Home Wellness is a universal goal that everyone deserves, and a Healthy Home Assessment is the first step toward achieving it! Want to create the most healthy and safe environment possible?

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What Happens After Your Healthy Home Assessment?

Once your Healthy Home Assessment is complete, our experts will carefully walk you through your report of results and customized recommendations. Your suggested home upgrades will be ranked in order of those which will have the most impact, making it easy for you to prioritize the home improvements that will give you the most value out of your investment. Each recommendation included in your Healthy Home Assessment report will be tailored to make your home healthier, safer, cleaner and more comfortable for years to come. 


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